"We create high-quality pieces with durable materials without compromising aesthetics"


We are committed to complete transparency throughout our supply chain. From the cultivation of our natural fibers to the production and delivery of our collections, we adopt a sustainable approach. It’s not only the beauty of their confection that makes Olistic The Label clothing so special; it’s the story behind each piece and the awareness of ethical sourcing and fair manufacturing.

“The beauty of a garment is measured by its ability to stand the test of time“


Sharing is the founding notion of Olistic The Label where everyone gives and receives. It is a network of exchanges, a federation of energies, shared skills and a common commitment to establish a fashion ecosystem that respects the environment and human beings.
We do our utmost to fight against poverty and injustice that affect many women through relevant and long-lasting actions in the field. The support of a sericulture in India promotes job creation in local communities and enables women artisans to achieve financial independence. Each of our behaviors is based on listening to the needs of the craftsmen and women.

“Proximity and respect are key to Olistic The Label“


Our brand embodies a human face. Our partners know each other and interact throughout our supply chain. We have created a human community based on a strong bond for a growing relationship. Committed and determined to protect our land, together we design products that make sense.
Our relationships are based on shared values of transparency, respect and understanding. Reverence for local cultures and environment is fundamental to the success of our collaboration.

“Everyone is responsible for the planet and must protect it at his level“ Yann Arthus Bertrand


Excellence is an essential value reflected in our constant desire to offer the best possible product, to constantly seek to improve and master every detail and to be demanding of ourselves and our partner companies.
We value people and craftsmanship; this translates in a longer development production than in traditional fashion schemes. Meticulous stitching, modern cuts, 100% organic and sustainable natural: each element participates in our definition of an elegant fashion that is fully aware of its impact.
Each detail of the Olistic the Label wardrobe is selected with the utmost care to ensure that our products last as long as possible.

“Our difference: to offer unique products with a strong social and environmental commitment“

The 10 Commandments

Olistic adopts a sustainable global approach to fashion, a vision in which the human being is in harmony with his environment. The age-old philosophy of yoga offers 10 spiritual and physical principles to reconnect with oneself and the elements. This philosophy, born centuries ago, guides our steps towards the future.