Olistic entails a sustainable and global approach to fashion, where the human being and his environment are in harmony.

The yoga philosophy rests on 10 moral and physical commandments to apply in order to connect with the Earth.

1 - Ahimsa

The absence of cruelty, non-violence, do not hurt. It is the respect of life, of all living creatures.

Our Olistic application: Our silk of peace is cruelty free: we do not kill the animal but rather respect his life cycle.

“Nonviolence, in its active form, is benevolence towards everything that exists. It’s pure love“ Kasturba Gandhi

2 – Satya

Express what is true, real. Do not lie.

Our Olistic application: We apply a full transparency policy throughout the supply chain, from the raw material to the finished product.

“Happiness is when your actions are in accord with your words“ Kasturba Gandhi

3 – Asteya

Do not steal, or take what is not yours

Our Olistic application: We apply a full transparency policy throughout the supply chain, from the raw material to the finished product.

“The elements are all related to each other“ Barry Commoner

4 – Brahmacarya

Go to the Divine. Do not waste time on futile activities

Our Olistic app: All our actions are rich in meaning and values. We do not make 10 collections a year but only 2: Winter & Summer. Our pieces are timeless and can be worn over several years and for different occasions. We do not produce fashion shows outright, but value simplicity, elegance and comfort.

“The less we have, the less we desire“ Kasturba Gandhi

5 – Aparigraha

Do not covet what belongs to others, neither the fruits of the action, nor a reward.

Our Olistic App: We value every sustainable creator’s work. We place collaboration above competition. We praise for unity to reach the common goal of a clean fashion industry.

“The only way to hope for a better future for all humanity is through cooperation and partnership“ Kofi Annan

6 – Shauca

Cleanliness, purity :

  • On the physical plane
  • On the mental plane

Our Olistic application: Human Rights Defenders, Olistic The Label has been supported by ILO for our initiatives in India. We support the traditional know-how of the silk of peace in India and pay women 3 times more than the traditional fashion industry does. We ban and fight against child labor and exploitation. We work with entrusted partners who ensure healthy and safe working conditions. The GOTS label verifies the welfare of workers at every stage of our production.

“The most beautiful stuff has no beauty if it breeds hunger and misfortune“ Kasturba Gandhi

7 – Santosha

Samtosha means contentment, that is to say, to keep a certain peace in us despite all that can happen to us in life.

Our Olistic app: The Olistic philosophy is a global approach to life, where the human being is in harmony with his environment. Believe in yourself and pursue your destiny.

“Your work is to tend to your own energy balance; when you will reach it, your world will come into perfect alignment“

8 – Tapas

Any purifying practice

Our Olistic app: Inspired by the 4 elements, Olistic is a brand connected to nature and the spiritual world.

“Tapas are spiritual practices that often involve high degree of self-discipline and periods of deep meditation“

9 – Svadhyaya

Reflection & self-study.

Our application Olistic : We always take the high road and act beyond our own debates.

“Stand freely with presence and recoil“

10 – Ishvara Pranidhana

Free of pain, self-doubt, anxiety and negative karma. It is a practice called “ishvara pranidhana”. “Ishvara” is a Sanskrit word that can be translated to“supreme”, or “personal”, or “God”. “Pranidhana” means to “dedicate”, “to devote”, or “to surrender”.

Our application Olistic : We always act in a constructive and positive way. We believe in everyone’s fulfillment in order to achieve their ideal of well-being. Olistic is a brand meant to be eternally connected with the senses and the human.

“Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength“ Corrie Ten Boom