"We are made up of 4 bodies: a body of earth, a body of water, a body of air and a body of fire, which connect us to subtle worlds"

Being Olistic is the activation of these elements present in oneself

Eternal sources of poetic and literary inspiration, the 4 elements are intimately intertwined with the human being. Our body and our environment are made up of air, earth, water and fire. Through its sustainable luxury wardrobe, Olistic the Label invites us to refer to ancient wisdom to reconnect with the elements and rethink our future. Olistic’s philosophy is inspired by the 4 elements and ensures their preservation to bring us a complete reconnection in harmony with our environment.


The air breathes its energy into the Olistic wardrobe. Muslin and flowing silk organza evoke the whisper of the wind and echo the flight of the butterfly whose cocoon metamorphoses into a luxurious silk fabric. Undulating to the rhythm of the steps, the Olistic collections pay tribute to a graceful lightness and favor comfort as well as freedom of movement.


Organic, the Olistic the Label wardrobe is rooted in our Mother Earth. Olistic pieces sublimate the natural fabrics cultivated with respect for the soil and the planet. Lyocell, a wood fiber coming from certified sustainable forests, helps to preserve European forests thanks to a controlled carbon footprint and a commitment to reforestation. Embroideries evoking delicate foliage subtly pay homage to the earth.


Preserving this precious resource drives Olistic the Label, which selects exclusively natural fibers grown organically for reduced water consumption and the absence of microplastic waste in the oceans. Dyeing and a production cycle free of any chemicals guarantee a sustainable fashion that respects the quality of water reserves.
Source of all life, water is subtly present in the Olistic collections. Shirts and skirts adopt the organic hues of voluble algae. The mysteries of the depths, brought to light by the sun’s rays, inspire the play of transparency of silk organza. Coming from sustainable cultures, iridescent white mother-of-pearl becomes delicate buttons, memories of the abyssal oceans.


The fire that animates Olistic guides the label towards an elegant fashion that is more respectful of our planet. This flamboyance is translated in the carmine-red hues, the bold cuts of split skirts and the play of transparency that distinguish the Olistic collections. The Olistic wardrobe brings an assertive femininity to women of character.