"Olistic (adj) – Believing in a sustainable approach to fashion, caring for People and the Earth"

Tribute to the 4 elements, Olistic the Label explores the connection between Man and Earth.

Founded in 2019, our luxury brand was born out of a desire to create fashion that is both durable and elegant. Our collections are versatile and distinguish themselves with timeless, seasonless beauty.

Olistic offers a new sustainable definition of the feminine wardrobe, combining minimalist silhouettes with a contemporary bohemian touch. Light and airy, muslin tops, skirts and dresses caress the skin with sensuality while the palette of ecru to taupe shades recalls the organic roots of our collections. The fluid and wide cuts promote comfort and freedom of movement without compromising elegance.

Inspired by the adjective “holistic” Olistic the Label suggests a totality, a life cycle where the human being lives in harmony with his environment.

The collection is designed with environmentally friendly materials such as peace silk, wood fiber and upcycling.

Inspired by biomimicry, our collections are created from 100% natural and organic-certified fibers. We support a European production by realizing our entire wardrobe in a family workshop in Portugal.

Creator of social impact, the brand encourages the work of women in an organic sericulture in India.

Coming from the ancestral Vedic tradition of Ahimsa (non-violence), peace silk is an ethical and vegan process where the life cycle of the silkworm is respected. Olistic participates in the preservation of this secular savoir-faire and in the development of communities of craftswomen. Deeply poetic, our ahimsa silk adorns a woman’s body with an assertive, free and wild sensuality. Ultimate ornaments, pearls, mother-of-pearl and turquoise stones from sustainable cultures, bring the beauty of organic luxury to the collection.

A return to the earth, to the essentials

Being Olistic means adopting a responsible lifestyle where trust, passion and respect are at the heart of the human being. It also means being transparent in all the decisions we take. We are constantly challenging ourselves and all those around us to push the boundaries of today’s world to create luxury products in a sustainable and ethical way, respectful of the world and its people. 

Create from yesterday for tomorrow