"There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger & unhappiness. Kasturba Gandhi"

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Environmental conscience must be at the service of desirability and creativity, which is why we design pieces that combine durability and elegance.
Olistic the Label collaborates with talented women to create unique handmade embroideries. A true treasure of Portugal, this heritage needs to be preserved. Inspired by nature, sketched designs come to life on silky fabrics. Olistic is committed to enhancing these skills and protecting the traditional art of embroidery.
Olistic envisages a slow fashion through an ethical manufacturing process where every step is closely controlled. We value the work of Men and wish to break with the frantic pace of the fashion industry. Olistic offers its craftswomen more time and freedom to create each garment. Due to the organic nature of the fabric and the handmade confection of our collections, each of our pieces is truly unique.
Olistic surrounds itself with trusted partners who share our values, work ethic and respect for the environment.

Social Impact

We select our peace silk in India to support local communities and organic sericulture. This vegan production method requires artisanal know-how, as in the delicate step of hand piercing the cocoons. Thanks to this activity, the Indian craftswomen regain financial independence but also confidence in themselves and in the future. Olistic allows them to build a better life for themselves and their families.
 Women’s emancipation and well-being are at the heart of the concerns of Olistic created by and for women. Instilling an economic dynamic in the region also helps to preserve the ancestral tradition of Ahimsa peace silk to perpetuate these precious skills.
More than a simple garment, the Olistic wardrobe is a promise to listen to life more carefully.

European production

Olistic The Label is a French brand that supports innovative and sustainable European manufacturing by producing its collections in Northern Portugal. Our clothes are carefully crafted in a sewing atelier ensuring high-end finishes as well as perfect quality.
We only collaborate with family ateliers that offer fair wages and good working conditions. Our partners are regularly visited and we know all the seamstresses who design the pieces of our collections.
Portugal has now become our second family.


In order to guarantee the excellence and traceability of our collections, we offer our garments in limited quantities and have few stocks. The Olistic journey begins in India where we discovered the tradition of peace silk and goes on in Portugal in a family atelier. It took us a year to meet these trusted partners and we can now easily trace our entire supply chain.
We know everyone working in our socially responsible ateliers. We visit them regularly to monitor our manufacturing processes and maintain excellent relationships with our suppliers. Olistic is a totality, every element is important to reach perfect harmony. It is essential for us to understand where and how our collections are designed so that we can ensure ethical production and control our carbon footprint.
This traceability allows us to bring you a sustainable fashion that creates positive impact in full transparency.