Spring / Summer 2021 Collection

Dive into an ocean of sensuality

Olistic the Label unveils its Spring-Summer collection, a celebration of nature infused with voluptuous femininity.

Precious fabrics & organic treasures

The certified organic natural materials such as peace silk and wood fibers, lend their fluidity to the timeless eco-friendly wardrobe. A treasure from the abyss, baroque mother-of-pearl characterized by its irregular appeal metamorphoses into precious buttons, a testimony to the fragile beauty of our seas and oceans.

The salty wake of a summer collection

A foam-like white brings its transparency to organza shirts and blazers while underlining the lightness of satin skirts and bustier tops. Silk adopts the vegetal hues of seaweed, guardians of the iodized depths. Mineral midnight blue pays homage to agate, a protective stone that favors serenity. Its tones recall the waves and the calm offered by their back and forth movements.

A bewitching call  from the oceanic depths

The androgynous beauty of Lily Stewart incarnates the subtle balance between strength of character and softness of the collection. This talented cellist translates through her powerful yet fragile vibratos, the moving organic beauty of our Earth. The pieces worn directly on the skin evoke the sensuality of silk on the female body.

Set sail with allure

 Iridescent, the material adopts hypnotic reflections, plays with the glow of the sun and stars and gives the garment an almost mystical charm. The feminine collection, animated by the freshness of the sea, is intended for a confident woman, connected with the world of tomorrow.