Olistic x DIRT Charity

Charity founded by Arizona Muse

DIRT’s mission: Turning fashion into a climate solution

DIRT mission is to help fashion become a climate solution by growing raw materials on biodynamic farms. 

DIRT's story started with Arizona Muse, the founder of DIRT, a model for over twelve years who became an extremely passionate environmental activist a few years into her career, when unravelling the truth about what really happens to the planet and people who make the clothes she was indirectly helping to sell.

Over time, Arizona began to realise through her activism, research, sustainability consulting, serving on boards, giving talks globally and meeting with farmers that everything starts with soil, from which we grow or mine everything that we need. 

However, the current agricultural system is not working healthily, she noticed. It became clear to her that the manifestations of climate change we are witnessing around the world are happening in large part because our soils have been degraded by conventional farming techniques. 

DIRT specialises in funding projects around the world regenerating the soil, ecosystems and communities through biodynamic farming methods. As well as fundraising for these projects, DIRT also fundraises annually for two funds whose content is distributed annually to educate and support farmers to learn the most effective method of farming in terms of quality of yield and being a solution for climate change.


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